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Hair Raising

Kingston hackSpace


Project by JaunJaun Jia

“I discovered human hair was an abundant and little used resource, my project explored new opportunities for manufacturing and commercializing this material.” 

Human hair as a biodegradable and renewable resource which is normally treated waste material and causes many environment problems. Especially, when the world’s population is rising up rapidly, we will never run it out.

I mainly focused on the high tensile strength of human hair. I conducted primary research and experimented with weaving and spinning techniques. I also made an electric spinning wheel which allowed me to turn shredded hair into string and rope. Then I mixed human hair with different natural materials to get better results, which enables hair to be used in a wider range.

First target market: vegetarians, designers, and people who care about the environment. (I spoke to members of my target market; most wouldn’t mind the use of this material.) Hoping to educate the public on the value of hair and the pollution caused by un-recycled hair and further promote my hair products. It will also motivate people to collect and properly handle their own hair waste. Thus, enlarging the range and quality of derivative products and expanding the market with lower prices, truly integrating into the lives of the public. This business model will help to solve the environmental impact caused by waste hair; it can also effectively reduce the use of other energy sources.