Workshop Safety



  • No Food or Drinks allowed in the workshop.
  • Don’t leave bags where someone could trip up over them.
  • The First Aid Kit is just outside the door to the hackSpace.
  • In the event of a fire, please make you way out of the building down the nearest flight of stairs and around the building.
  • report any breakages or losses to one of the DMW team.
  • Move around and carry tools in a safe manner.
  • Never run or cause other people to have to hurry.


  • Don’t take apart devices that use mains electricity without getting them checked by a university electrician first.
  • Make sure your hands are dry before using electrical equipment
  • Electricity is dangerous because relatively small amount of current, a few milliamps, passing through the body can upset the heart, stop breathing and disrupt the nervous system.
  • All electrical equipment, including personal equipment, entering the hackSpace must be electrically safe. To ensure this, electrical equipment must be inspected and tested regularly. All equipment has a label attached giving the date of the last test. Any equipment without a label may be unsafe and must be checked/tested by Electronic Services if you ever notice a missing tag please inform one of the technicians in DMW or hackSpace.
  • Disconnect the equipment from every source of electrical energy before working on, or near, any part which has been live or is likely to be live. On equipment that is capable of storing charge, such as capacitors and high-voltage cables, ensure that any stored charge has been safely discharged.
  • You should put a notice or label at the place of disconnection so everyone else knows that work is being done.


  • Always use gloves, goggles and the ventilation fans when handling soldering Irons
  • Soldering irons should be switched off when they are not in use and cleaned by the current user.