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Survival of Rural Communities

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Project Designed by the Laura Brown, Illustration Animation BA

The survival of rural communities; Dilwyn, Herefordshire (2017)

My final major project for third year Illustration Animation was a documentary piece, based on the survival of rural communities. Focused on Dilwyn in Herefordshire and how it sustains a vibrant village atmosphere, having saved both the school and the pub from closure in recent years. The lights inside the buildings were LED strip which were then controlled by an Arduino board..

The LED lights needed a separate power supply from the regular 5V provided by the Arduino. The power supply was regulated using transistors that took a signal from the output pins on the Arduino to trigger the larger voltage from the mains supply. The Arduino was programmed to send signals to transistors based on the amount of time elapsed since the Arduino board was activated. An mp3 player was set up to run in concert with the LED lights as they turned on and off in time to the track that was played.