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Bluetooth Module

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Bluetooth module


The HC-06 Bluetooth module is a regular ‘SPP’ serial link client device, that can pair with any electronics devices, which has a Bluetooth connection. This will allow you to control your components or microcontroller completely wirelessly around 10-15 meters away. The very good advantage of this module is that it automatically detects and changes the serial baud rate. That means if you open up the COM port on your computer at 9600 baud, the output will be 9600. All the most common baud rates are supported with this sensor: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 and 230400. You never have to configure or customize the module by hand - it all happens completely automatically inside the RF module.

The Bluetooth sensor also has an RX/TX indicator LED, so you can tell when data is sent & received as well as a connection status pin. The only down side of the Bluetooth is the distance it can work in; if you want to have a stronger connection BlueSMiRF and Bluetooth Mate can reach around 100 meters. HC-06 sensor works great with Mac and Windows computers, but also it can connect to android and apple phones using specific designed applications.

Development journal

15-10-20 11:00am

bluetooth master cicuit


I was able to configure the two components getting them to connect successfully. I used the guide here to get the components configured. I had to modify the sketch to allow simultaneous connections to the bluetooth and the serial connection to the computer. I made use of the software serial examples to do this to send bytes across the bluetooth then display them on the serial monitor.

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