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Nosey Neighbour

Kingston hackSpace

By Dom Postlethwaite

The project gives an insight into my way of thinking, using my observations of human behaviour to narrate social change.

The set of films focus on our most basic human instinct – to lie. They highlight how even with all this amazing new technology at our disposal we still use it to further our nee to lie. I called this fraudulent technology.

The nosy neighbour project mimics the intricacies of human behaviour to deceive prospective burglars, framed in a mockumentary format to highlight the light humorous side to the objects while still trying to convince the viewer these are real objects.

The project makes use of a series of servo motors which work together to provide the motion for the finger and the eyes. The motion was programmed using a series of for loops, iterating the position from 0 degrees to 180 degrees and back, and delays, which paced the servo positions over a set period of time. The flushing finger button uses a gear system to convert the rotation motion of the servo motor into a linear motion, pressing the chosen button down.