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Kinect Scanner

Kingston hackSpace

By Pierro Pozella

We as humans are limited on how we perceive the world not only due to our eye sight but also the limitations of our nervous system. With many of us growing up in a world where we are told how to perceive colour, time and space we become bound to this information struggling to see beyond what has been embedded into our minds throughout our lives. I have developed a camera which is able to see past these abstractions and beyond our limitations allowing us to see the world for what it truly is.

The camera has been inspired by animals vision as there eyesight has evolved beyond humans. I have taken inspiration from several animals combining there techniques from their more complex nervous systems. Using a similar technique to that of bats and their sonar detection, using an infra red beam instead of sound that works in the same way to map the environment in front of the camera. Along Side a dedicated Infra red sensor which is able to register the infra red beams that are imitated and interrupted as they interacte with the environment around them .

This camera allows me to capture and render in three dimensions exceeding human capabilities as the camera is not deceived or blinded by abstraction of which the human mind creates blocking us as humans from seeing the world for what it is.

The camera is also not limited by colour or time as no one person can see the same blue, green or red, this is the idea of non-allness and that colour is continuously changing. The camera is not limited by time as unlike normal cameras it does not capture any shadows or any other detail that suggest a time. The camera is also unusual and fully expresses its lack of limitations in that it is not dependent on light and is capable of rendering objects in pitch black, breaking the traditional boundaries of photography.