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Pollution measured by Sound

Kingston hackSpace

Pollution measured by sound

By Al Al Mahruqi

Living on earth is a privilege that humans undervalue and take for granted. Unfortunately, we destroy it without thinking, an example of that would be pollution. As a designer, I aiming to make statements about different types of pollution through my designs. I created an electronic panel, made out of steel and acrylic with a wheel base, which picks up three different frequencies lighting up an LED light linked to it at two different level, a car exhaust level, and people level, which represents sound pollution visually.

There are three coloured LED lights in the device, the top one is white, the lightest shade, which represents the lowest frequency that is present more than the other three. The middle LED is gold, which represents the middle frequency. The bottom LED is blue, the darkest out of all that represents the highest frequency, which is the least present.

The coding of this device allows the LED lights to turn on only when that certain range of frequency is present, which is why the readings are split. This device should make people around it aware of the presence of noise pollution, and therefore try to minimise it.