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Digital Camera Module

Kingston hackSpace

This camera module can be a pretty neat idea for designing a real camera. This module was originally designed for security systems and does two main things - it outputs NTSC video and can take snapshots of that video (in colour) and transmit them over the TTL serial link. You can snap pictures at 640x480, 320x240 or 160x120 and they’re pre-compressed to JPEG image, which makes them nice and small and easy to store on an SD card. Perfect for a data-logging, security, or photography project.

The really nice feature about this particular camera module is all the ‘extras’ that come with it. For example it has manually adjustable focus, AWB (auto-white-balance), AE (auto-exposure), AGC (auto-gain-control), AB (auto-brightness) and AC (auto-contrast) taken care of for you. OV7670 camera module also has build in motion detection and OSD display function of screen characters and pattern overlay, capable of self-defining detection area and sensitivity. This simply means you can have an alert script in your project, when something moves in the frame the cameral will take a snapshot.

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