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SD Card reader

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SD card reader


The SD card module allows the Arduino to access the memory on any correctly formatted micro SD card. Data can be read from and written to the card using the Arduino's SD library. The card we use is similar to the Adafruit sd breakout board

Health & safety

  • Ensure you are familiar with all H&S rules that apply to the environment you are working in.
  • Identify where first aid can be found in your work space
  • Keep all components dry and free from liquid spillages
  • To avoid static, make sure your work surface is sufficiently earthed

Development journal

10-09-20 11:00am

SD card set up


I Started by putting the kit together. I used the SD card read program found here. It has a guide for how to connect the SD card module to the Arduino. The pins are used to establish an interface between the Arduino and the SD card module via SPI mode. The pin connections can be found here. I had to format the SD card using disk utility and my adapter. The program seemed to work and we were able to create a new directory with a file we created inside. There's lots of potential for this module especially for data logging and persistent memory.