Ethernet Shield


The Arduino Ethernet Shield is an additional circuit board that fits on top of a Arduino. It extends the Arduino’s capabilities with circuitry to connect to a network router, using a commonly-available RJ45 Ethernet cable. Your Arduino projects can communicate with the world through this connection – everything form fetching information from the internet and displaying it on a LCD screen, to providing publicly accessible, web-based tools that can control motors or other hardware.


Health & safety

  • Ensure you are familiar with all H&S rules that apply to the environment you are working in.
  • Identify where first aid can be found in your work space
  • Keep all components dry and free from liquid spillages
  • To avoid static, make sure your work surface is sufficiently earthed

Development journal

16-09-20 9:00am

ethernet mac address 

First we changed the MAC address in the code to match the code on the back of the board.After having problems connecting from a university network, we set up the ethernet shield and plugged the ethernet cable into a home router. We loaded a basic client and was able to download an HTML page from the internet.

30-09-20 10:00am

ethernet shield mounted 

After a short break we set up a web server and was able to access it from a browser. We then were able to successfully ping the server from another computer using the network utility application on a Mac.

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